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Terms and Conditions

When booking your holiday with Vale da Cegonha, the following terms and conditions will apply:

1. Payment

When you confirm booking this forms a binding contract between both parties and you are now liable for the full payment - even if you cancel at a later date.

The acceptance of the price quoted and the payment of your deposit confirms that you have read and agreed the Terms and Conditions outlined on this page.

2. Cancellations

If you need to cancel your booking, you must inform us immediately by email/telephone and in writing. We are bound to do all that we can to re-let all or part of your holiday booking.

If successful we will refund to you the price that we were able to attain. However if we are unsuccessful, no refund will be made under any circumstances.

3. Changes To A Booking

If you need to make changes to your booking i.e. dates, number or names of your party, you must contact us immediately by email/telephone and in writing. We will do all that we can to accommodate your requirements.

If you wish to increase the size of your party please be aware that the stated occupancy maximums given on this website cannot be exceeded.
If you wish to reduce the size of your party by means of a partial cancellation, then the same conditions will apply as for ‘Cancellations’ - see above.

4. Circumstances Beyond Our Control - ‘Force Majeur’

If we have to cancel your holiday due to circumstances beyond our control - fire, flood, or epidemic etc. - we will refund to you the full cost of your holiday. If we have to terminate your holiday early for similar reasons, then you will be refunded the full cost of the remaining days.

No additional compensation or costs will be payable.

5. Arrival and Departure Times

Your holiday accommodation will be available to you from 4 p.m. on the day of your arrival and must be vacated by 10 a.m. on the day of your departure. These times ensure that we are able to prepare the accommodation to the highest standards of cleanliness for incoming guests.

Failure to comply with this condition will result in you being charged an extra day’s rental.

Guests wishing to remain on site after vacating their holiday accommodation may have access to the pool area, plus bathroom and changing facilities (by arrangement only).

Use of our country house accommodation is for the purpose of a holiday rental only. No other relationship of Landlord and Tenant or similar is created. No further rights of tenancy shall prevail.

6. Occupancy

Only guests previously booked may use the holiday accommodation at Vale da Cegonha. We reserve the right to refuse admittance if this condition is not met.
Day visitors are welcome at Vale da Cegonha by prior notification please. Under no circumstances does that entitle them to an overnight stay, unless we have suitable accommodation available - for which they will be charged at the full daily rate, if appropriate.

Guests at Vale da Cegonha must be a minimum of 21 years of age unless accompanied by a responsible adult.

7. Liability

The use of the two country homes and all facilities at Vale da Cegonha is entirely at the users risk. No liability is accepted for death, injury, loss or damage to users or any of their belongings.

Parents must not leave their children unattended at any time during their stay. No liability is accepted for death injury, loss or damage to children or their belongings. This is entirely the responsibility of the children's parents at all times.

No liability is accepted for death, injury, loss or damage to guest's day visitors or the visitors belongings. Their visit is entirely at their own risk.

For the above reasons we strongly advise all guests to take out comprehensive holiday insurance.

8. Care of the Property

You are expected to take every reasonable care of the accommodation and to leave it clean and tidy, with all washing up done and rubbish removed. It should also be left in the same state of repair at the end of your stay as you found it at the beginning.

You are legally bound to reimburse us (on demand) for any damage or extra professional cleaning that may be required as a result of your stay.

The proprietors may have right of access to any accommodation at any reasonable time for the purpose of necessary repairs, maintenance or inspection.

9. Smoking and the Law

Smoking is not permitted within the houses. Smoking is permitted on the outside barbecue terraces or on the pool terraces.

Portuguese Law states that due to the high risk of summer fires, it is illegal to smoke whilst walking through woodland or open grassland during the months of June until October. This also applies to the grounds and land surrounding Vale da Cegonha.

10. Consideration For Other Guests

We strive to provide a friendly yet peaceful and relaxing atmosphere here at Vale da Cegonha and would ask that you show consideration for other guests during your stay.

As a guest, you are also responsible for the actions and behaviour of your day visitors. Their presence must not cause disruption or disturbance to any other guests.

Pets are welcome at Vale da Cegonha, but must be restrained and/or supervised at all times.

Pets must not be left alone within the houses at any time.

11. Suggestions

We hope that you enjoy your stay with us, returning again as well as recommending us to others.

For this reason your comments are very important to us. If you have any suggestions regarding ways we can improve the accommodation or service we provide, they will be given serious consideration and would be most welcome.

12. Complaints

We make every effort to ensure that you have a comfortable and enjoyable stay at Vale da Cegonha.

However, if you have a problem or cause for complaint, it is essential that you notify us immediately so that we have the opportunity to resolve matters to your satisfaction.

In accordance with Portuguese Law, we have a Complaints Book.